Welcome to Aikido Canterbury

Aikido Canterbury (est. 1993) is located in central city Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand. We operate friendly inclusive class, where people of all ages and abilities are welcome to train. We have many experienced instructors taking class that cater for beginners right through to advanced levels.

Aikido Canterbury has survived the recent earthquakes and classes are at 25 Hutchenson St. The club currently trains from 6pm - 8pm Tuesday and Thursday evenings with weekend classes re-starting soon. Each class caters for all levels of ability, with new entrants catered for in all classes.

Aikido is a subtle, sophisticated & dynamic martial art from Japan which allows you to utilize and develop all of your powers to strengthen both mind & body. The physical training of Aikido and also the application of Aikido in self-defence situations are free from physical strength, speed and size, or mental tension. Aikido instead concentrates on the timing of fluid supple, functional & dynamic movements, making this martial art ideal for all people young or old, whatever physical condition they are in.

Aikido on another level also helps us to understand that conflict is part of creation & from this we get resolution and growth from our experiences. From the trust gained by practicing aikido we can transform our self-expression that is based on fear, panic or anger, to that based on love, understanding & compassion.

This is aikido in a nut shell... Come along to a class and see for yourselves.